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Giving back to the community has always been a critical element of our success. Learn more about our efforts in the community.

At the heart of Pete King Construction Company is a strong foundation based on more than 60 years of hard work, integrity, and employee loyalty. Dedication to these founding principles has provided a strong core for our company to build around for three generations now. Since the 1940's as Pete King & Son, we have worked tirelessly to provide professional quality subcontracting in each of the markets that we have worked

Equally as important is our philosophy about those who are employed by the company, we are all family. It is no mystery that the real value in any company is rooted in its employees and not necessarily its leadership. Although we have come a long way since 1943, we have never lost our "family" feel, and have been dedicated to creating a company that accurately reflects the depth and quality of employees that have been employed throughout the years.

Providing a place of work that appreciates and values each and every worker has been a core philosophy of founders Pete and Jerry King, and remains a top priority in the company today. We remain committed to providing a safe and reputable place for our employees to call home. We are proud of the long list of employees who have dedicated their entire adult lives to the success of the company, and recognize that it is through their hard work and personal growth that we have become what we are today. Together, we have enjoyed building a strong company that has earned respect and a valued reputation in our industry for over 60 years.

The landscape of the construction industry has changed dramatically over the years. Pete King Construction Company has always been on the leading edge of the industry. Our ability to "get the job done", meet schedules, and adapt to changing conditions has afforded us the privilege to participate in many of the marquee projects that have been built in Arizona. We have always enjoyed a solid reputation that has placed us among the best in the industry and has allowed us to partner up with some very reputable General Contractors. We have enjoyed playing a large role in building the landscape of Arizona and look forward to many more years ahead helping to build Arizona.

Signed by Jeffry King - President

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  • Ongoing Safety Training 5:30am
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Contractor License Numbers

  • Commercial & Residential Drywall

  • AZ CR10 #088836
  • Commercial & Residential Paint

  • AZ CR34 #088846
  • Commercial & Residential Plaster

  • AZ CR36 #088848