About Pete King Construction Company

Our Story

At the heart of Pete King Construction Company is a strong foundation based on more than 75 years of hard work, integrity, and loyalty.  Staying committed to these founding principles has provided a strong core for our company to build around for three generations. Since the 1940’s, our employees have worked tirelessly to provide professional quality subcontracting all across Arizona.

Providing a place of work that appreciates and values each and every worker has been a core philosophy of founders Pete and Jerry King, and remains a top priority of the company leadership today. We are dedicated to providing a safe and reputable place for our employees to call home.  We are proud of the long list of employees who have dedicated their entire working lives to the success of the company.  It has been through their hard work and personal growth that we have become what we are today. Together, we have built a strong company that has earned respect and a valued reputation as a leader in the construction field.

The landscape of the construction industry has changed dramatically over the years.  Our commitment to quality and ability to “get the job done”, meet schedules, and adapt to changing conditions has given us an opportunity to remain relevant and become the trade standard for others to follow.  Working alongside some very prominent General Contractors, we have enjoyed playing a large role in building many significant projects across Arizona and look forward to many more years ahead helping to build and shape the markets that we operate in.





Pete King has earned a solid reputation as a premier metal framing, drywall and painting sub-contractor in Arizona because our customers know that they can rely on us.  We have proven performance at any level necessary to complete a project on time and with the quality expected in today’s sophisticated market.  Our customers know that we employ an experienced, well trained, and safe workforce that they can trust.


Safety is a top priority at our company. We will never sacrifice safety for profitability or efficiency. We consider our employees to be a valuable asset that we appreciate and want to protect as much as you would your own family members. We take pride in our safety record and work hard at every level to foster a safety culture in all that we do.

It is the policy of our company that the first consideration in the performance of work will be the safety of employees. All reasonable methods, procedures and equipment necessary to achieve this will be used.

Our company has a comprehensive written Safety Program which is made available to all employees. We are committed to providing education, training, and a safe work environment for all of our employees.

Safety Program - Revised 10/21

Full-time Safety Directors are responsible for inspecting job sites to verify employee compliance with OSHA, State, and job site regulations as well as making sure our company safety policies and procedures are being followed.  We maintain an incentive program that rewards employees for safe and “accident-free” work.

Pete King Maintains an EMR of .62

Commitment to Community

Giving back to the community is very important to all of us here at Pete King. We have all found meaning in a particular cause or have been the beneficiaries of someone’s outreach and guidance in each of our lives.

Each of us has been so blessed during our lifetime that we have always felt a compulsion to share and give back to those around us. Over the years, it has been our pleasure to team up with some outstanding charitable organizations that do so much good in our community and this world.

We have partnered with some very worthy groups that have had measurable success in each of their fields. Each of the groups that we support has a personal connection to someone in the company, and it is through those same connections that ALL of us have been touched by the good works that they do.

Pete King’s warehouse becomes Holiday Headquarters for Phoenix Children’s Hospital Adopt a Family Program