Why Pete King Construction is a Proud Union Contractor

Unions have worked with Pete King Construction in Arizona for 25 years and have acknowledged the industry leadership role of our firm. These labor organizations endorse Pete King Construction as “a local employer that sets the standard for quality workmanship, integrity in business and fairness to its employees.”

Compliance With State & Federal Hiring Regulations

Pete King Construction is in compliance with all federal and state regulations relating to documentation for hiring. All employees are required to complete an I-9 at time of hire and our company participates in the federal E-Verify program to ensure compliance with the law.

Pete King Construction has never paid less than minimum wage to any employee. Painters and Tapers are paid union wages under collective bargaining agreements and Carpenters are paid comparable wages since voting to withdraw from the Carpenters Union.

Timely Payment of Federal Income & Payroll Taxes

Pete King Construction has always paid all payroll taxes for all employees and has remitted all appropriate income taxes withheld from employee payroll checks to the United States Treasury and Arizona Department of Revenue. We pay for a yearly audit of our financial statements to ensure compliance with our fiduciary duties under state and federal law.

Payment of Benefits & Overtime

Benefits: Pete King Construction has paid all benefits agreed to under its collective bargaining agreements, which cover all non-union members of these trades as well. Health insurance is provided to painters and tapers through the union programs.  All employees not covered under the collective bargaining agreements are offered health insurance once they meet eligibility requirements.  The company pays a substantial portion of the cost if they choose to enroll. The employer’s portion of Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment insurance is paid for all employees. Dental insurance is also offered to all employees.

Overtime: We pay all overtime as reported by the employee and verified by the foreman. Each employee is required to sign their own timecard and fill out their own hours. They are given a phone number to call if they are ever asked to fill out their timecard incorrectly. Pete King Construction Company paid $1,168,375 overtime wages in 2016 and $1,165,600 overtime wages in 2015.

Safety Equipment & Training

All employees are required to participate in safety training at time of hire as well as all on-going safety training at job sites.  We have a comprehensive written safety program which is made available to all employees.  A majority of our field employees are OSHA 10 certified and we have designated “Competent Persons” on each project.  We have a full-time Safety Director responsible for inspecting job sites to verify employee compliance with OSHA, federal and state regulations, as well as making sure our company safety policies and procedures are being followed.

Pete King Construction Company spent over $137,000 on safety equipment, training and incentives in 2016 and over $144,000 in 2015.

Safe Working Environments

Every job site death is unfortunate and something no company wants to experience.  It is especially difficult when an accident leading to death was preventable if the safety training provided by the company had been followed and safety equipment provided by the company had been utilized by the employee.   It is small consolation knowing the company provided the training and equipment that would have protected our employee.  We work very hard and spend a lot of resources to provide a safe working environment.  The safety of every employee is of utmost importance to us.  Our goal is to maintain a safety culture that involves all employees from the top down to ensure we provide safe work places.

OSHA Compliance

OSHA inspections were conducted on 10 jobsites for Pete King Construction Company in 2015 and 2016 resulting in 2 violations.  Both violations were abated immediately to the satisfaction of OSHA and no fines were levied.

Labor Law Compliance

Our firm has not been fined by the federal government for labor law violations.